What is CreatedBy e-Festival?

CreatedBy Festival (formerly the Boston Mini Maker Faire), produced by Boston Children’s Museum, is an annual showcase and festival of ingenuity, imagination, and cross-disciplinary creativity. CreatedBy brings together artists, engineers, inventors, fabricators, educators, and local makers for an all-ages event featuring exhibitor showcases, hands-on workshops, demonstrations, talks, performances, food, and more!

Boston Children’s Museum is proud to partner with MA STEM Week, a statewide initiative to engage students in hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math activities. Additional CreatedBy partners include Artisan’s Asylum, New England FIRST Robotics, and Brandeis Maker Lab. Boston Children’s Museum and our CreatedBy partners look forward to this event all year – we are excited to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and makers at CreatedBy Festival 2022 !

Boston Children’s Museum believes deeply in the importance of introducing all young learners to exciting STEAM experiences. CreatedBy invites educators, students, families, and curious learners of all ages to celebrate the magic of ideas, projects, and art CreatedBy Boston, CreatedBy You, CreatedBy Us. 

Event Details

CreatedBy Festival 2022 will take place at the Museum, produce by Boston Children’s Museum staff on October 15th.

Saturday October 15th: CreatedBy Festival, a ticketed event at Boston Children’s Museum, will showcase local innovators, artists, technologists, makers, educators, scientists, and more! Stop by the Museum to witness a variety of demonstrations, hands-on activities, workshops, and talks that span across topics like robotics, fabrication technologies, science experiments, recycled art, and more!

Monday October 17th – October 21st: Boston Children’s Museum will host a combination of virtual and in-person STEAM learning events, such as workshops and demonstrations, for early-elementary-school-aged students.