Bucket Drumming with Kadence Arts

Get your groove on with Kadence Arts! Greg, Katie, Stephon, and Maria will lead you through basic drumming skills and teach you some patters and drumming games you can play at home or outside with friends. Great for families, schools, and pods alike, these videos offer a variety of challenges that will engage any aspiring drummer!
For this interactive bucket drumming video, you’ll need an empty 5-gallon plastic bucket (around $4 at most hardware stores) and a pair of drum sticks (we recommend Vic Firth 5A size, but almost anything will do).
We created these videos over the summer to give students in summer camps around Boston and Somerville a way to make music despite the pandemic. If you are interested in licensing the program for your school or pod, feel free to reach out to Greg through the Kadence Arts website: KadenceArts.org


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