Exhibitor Application

Exhibitor Application

Submit Virtual Content for CreatedBy e-Festival 2020

CreatedBy Festival, much like a con, expo, or Maker Faire, is an opportunity for your organization, company, makerspace, fablab, studio, grad-school project, or household kitchen table to show off what you do and how you do it! CreatedBy e-Festival is a virtual showcase and venue for sharing your process and project. We especially value exhibits with a hands-on component– projects that allow visitors to try something out or create something, rather than just watch something. Exhibitors can be any age, and exhibits can be geared towards an age! One major change for this year’s event: all content will be shared virtually, rather than an in-person event. Here are the details:

Pre-Recorded Video: Your organization can record a video to be a part of our CreatedBy e-Festival virtual content portfolio. Some ideas for video content (not limited to): science experiment, technology demo, creative process, art showcase or activity, career-focused talk, musical performance, engineering challenge, etc.

Live Streamed Event: A 30-60 minute session over webinar or meeting software (hands-on workshop with everyday or recycled materials, an art activity, engineering challenges, shopping list for workshop materials can be provided ahead of time, demonstration or talk, Q&A, interactive session). The live streamed event would be during the week of October 19-23rd.

Why exhibit at CreatedBy e-Festival 2020? CreatedBy e-Festival is an inherent example of the power of technology – to be able to continue to provide showcases and hands-on experiences via virtual engagement. At the same time, schools and families are in a state of uncertainty, and sometimes chaos. Boston Children’s Museum cares about reaching students and families when they most need content, structure, and help! Collectively, we can provide meaningful insights and eureka moments through video content and remote interaction.

If you have any questions about your application, please email us at contact@CreatedByFestival.org

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