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Artisan’s Asylum

Artisan’s Asylum is a non-profit community workshop in Somerville, Massachusetts devoted to the teaching, learning and practice of fabrication. Our community shares tools & equipment, offers affordable classes to the public, enjoys flexible membership and workspace, hosts speakers, special events and more. Stop by the Artisan’s Asylum exhibits during the CreatedBy Festival to immerse yourself in robotics, recycled art, electronics, kinetic art, and meet the creatives behind New England’s most bold artistic endeavors! See Project Details Below:




Telepresence Robot Franklin Reynolds Frank will be demonstrating a mobile, remote telepresence robot. He will control the robot from Boston Children’s Museum and use the robot to give tours of Artisan’s Asylum remotely. The “Beam” was built by Suitable Technologies (new company name will be Beam Robots). Beams have been sold to people and companies all over the world. Using a Beam it is possible for someone in Japan or Russia to visit a museum in California.
Slot Car Track Kevin Yearwood This 2-lane, 30-foot road style, 1/43-scale course with lots of curves and a long straight will offer an opportunity for kids and grown-ups to run a race car around the track. Unlike modern plastic track sets available today, which use magnets to help keep the cars in their slots, this track has no such means so cars will fishtail around curves. Put your driving skills to the test, keep the car in the slot and make it around the track with no crashes! Are you up to the challenge?
Including the Kitchen Sink Mac Pierce A kinetic racing sculpture that takes the form of a kitchen countertop with wheels. When pushed forward a copper kettle on the countertop moves back and forth, seemingly at random. However, the position is instead showing a binary sequence – With a left facing a 0 and a right facing a 1 – that over a period of time displays the ASCII encoding of the message “HELLO WORLD!”
Scribble Bots Mike Beach Stop by to see unique robots that can doodle with markers! The robots were made form laser-cut and 3D printed parts, showcasing the intersection of ingenuity and fantasy! Why can’t robots be dragons?
MassDestruction Jason Kuehl Look out Boston, MassDestruction is back! Come see the most fun robotics competition in town! Local technologists create robots to compete in a one-of-a-kind arena.
Hacker Creations Melissa Glick For the past 7 years, Melissa has been making sculptures and accessories from disassembled technology. There is no shortage of old computers, printers, lap tops, and Melissa turns these recycled computer parts into incredible works of art!
SemiSaurs Sarah Kramer Sarah will help attendees create 1″round souvenir magnets using stickers, resin seals, and neodymium magnets. Visitors can get a taste for what it’s like to create these hands-on projects and learn from the artist herself!
Electricity to Video Michael Dewberry The signals that send television through the air aren’t that different from the signals that make music or drive robots. See how electronic circuits can create video signals, and how artists can manipulate those signals to distort video from a camera or create images from scratch.
3-Dimensional Pen Plotter Peter Loschen Peter will demonstrate a miniature pen plotter made from mostly 3D printer parts, and an arduino uno running custom firmware.
Strattman Design Wayne Strattman Combining his background training in engineering with his love of sculpture and interest in the history of electricity—specifically those technologies using glass—Wayne not only taught himself the field without any formal glass training but also proceeded to pioneer many new techniques now intrinsic to his medium. The blown glass shapes are filled and sealed with special mixtures of inert rare gases. When electrically charged, these gases ionize to create interactive moving light displays. Our gas mixtures produce a wide range of colors, shapes and effects that have been proven reliable and stable for many years of use.
MezMirage (Airflow Kinetics) Gordon Sharp Airflow Kinetics, LLC. designs, creates, and markets medium and large scale colorful kinetic sculptures using airflow and literally millions of small polystyrene spheres to create truly mesmerizing art installations. These amazing airflow sculptures combine art and the science of fluid dynamics and flow visualization to create a wide variety of effects all in one device including fire, snow, boiling magma, bubbles in water, smoke, fountains, and more.

New England FIRST 

NE FIRST provides accessible, innovative robotics programs that motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math, while building self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills. Their mission is to  inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

Olin College of Engineering 

Olin was founded to radically change engineering education with the goal of fueling the technical innovation needed to solve the world’s complex future challenges.We invite you to learn more about Olin and its unique role in the world and to join us in our effort to revolutionize engineering education. Olin College of Engineering will be showcasing students’ interactive engineering projects and talking about their STEAM journey.

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